Why should you use acrylic PMMA glass windows for your pool?​

More durable

It provides higher impact and stress resistance.

UV resistance

UV rays do not cause deformation in the panel.


Provides clear visibility with 92% transparency.


Its density is less than half that of glass.

How to get your dream pool in 5 steps​

Our experienced engineering department will guide you through 5 steps to get your dream pool.


Request a quote by specifying the panel dimensions you desire.


Our expert engineering team will contact you to provide panel details and preliminary information.


Upon completion of stress analyses and strength calculations, you will receive a budget-friendly price quote.


After the contract is signed, the assembly is completed with a detailed work schedule, ensuring a leak-proof finish, and handed over as a turnkey panel.


Start enjoying your new swimming pool/aquarium to the fullest.


Provides a 30-year warranty for its products and a 5-year warranty for installation.

Offers acrylic window maintenance and repair services.

Is a supplier of pool windows.

Supplies high transparency and UV-resistant panels.

Is a supplier of aquarium windows.

Guarantees leak-proof installations.

Develops and implements turnkey projects.

Is a supplier and installer of acrylic windows.