Swimming Pool Windows

Acrylic panels are commonly used in aquatic environments today due to their superior quality, exceptional transparency, and design flexibility. PMMA acrylic glass panels can be used in the design phase or in existing pools, including conventional pool architectures. Their lightweight and durability, high UV resistance, ability to provide waterproofing, and unique aesthetics make PMMA acrylic panels a popular alternative to traditional concrete pools.

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Swimming Pool Disinfection

PMMA acrylic glass panels are resistant to chemical erosion caused by similar low pH liquids used in chlorinated pool water and chlorine additive agents.

Yüzme Havuzu Sualtı Akrilik Blok Panel, Pencere Montajı
infinifty sonsuzluk havuzu düz akrilik panel

Infinity Swimming Pool Windows

Acrylic panels in infinity swimming pools go beyond the standard overflow detail, allowing your pool’s volume to blend seamlessly with your view. This commonly used overflow method creates an infinity perception both within and outside the water.


In your skylight solutions, you can direct the daylight into your space through small ripples created on the water surface, which interact with the wet volume to produce reflections of sunlight.

Swimming Pool Acrylic Window Installation

With its team of expert engineers, akrilikhavuz begins by taking your requests into account, considering the total water load in your pool, user factors, and safety factors. They perform PMMA stress analysis and engineering calculations tailored to your project. They determine the most suitable material thickness for your project and share all technical details related to the concrete preparation (rebate) that needs to be done.

The installation process for glass or acrylic swimming pool windows is similar to that of aquarium windows. Akrilikhavuz ensures that the waterproof materials used for acrylic installation are effective and long-lasting, providing assurance that they will not leak for more than 5 years, taking into account that most swimming pools are installed outdoors and need to withstand UV rays.

Akrilikhavuz™ also provides information on the best and most reliable methods for cleaning and transporting acrylic panels. Finally, their adhesives do not crack or harden, even when exposed to high levels of Chloramine in pool water and sunlight.

infinity sonsuzluk yüzme havuzu zemin ve duvar akrilik blok panel montajı
infinity sonsuzluk yüzme havuzu , akrilik havuz blok paneli

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

If you need to repair or renew the waterproof elements of your swimming pool, akrilikhavuz technicians can assist you professionally and at the most suitable time. Additionally, all acrylic swimming pool panels they install can be easily repaired without removing them from their positions.

The most common repair is typically performed 5 years after the initial installation. During this process, they remove and replace the elements responsible for waterproofing the pool. Their team has the expertise to perform this task without scratching the panels. They usually advise customers to keep the adhesives dry for 15 days after the repair. During the initial filling of the pool, akrilikhavuz™ will be by your side. Their experts will conduct a comprehensive water leakage test. akrilikhavuz™ provides an all-inclusive warranty certificate. Therefore, each acrylic panel they install comes with a 5-year structural and optical warranty.