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akrilikhavuz™ is the brand of MAT Pool Technologies Inc., founded by expert engineers in the industry. Operating in Güzelbahçe, İzmir, our innovative and dynamic team offers alternative technology and products to conventional pool designs in our country.


Akrilikhavuz™ is the first and only brand in Turkey that provides acrylic glass panel installation according to international standards and offers a 5-year leak-proof guarantee. We are a supplier of acrylic glass panels for open and closed swimming pools, Oceanariums, Giant Aquariums, Tunnel Aquariums, Saltwater, and Freshwater Pools, Therapy and Hydro-Physical Treatment Observation Pools, and Zoos' Observation Windows. We have established coordination and supply infrastructure with leading acrylic manufacturers worldwide, enabling us to supply acrylic glass and panel products tailored to your needs as quickly as possible, providing you with the best solution.

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PMMA Acrylic Panel

PMMA acrylic glass panels are the most commonly used material for underwater windows in swimming pools and aquariums. PMMA Acrylic offers superior quality results that cannot be compared to other materials because it does not suffer from fogging, discoloration, or density loss. Acrylic glass panels are 16 times stronger than reinforced concrete against impacts. While it is possible to repair a PMMA Acrylic Panel, it is nearly impossible to break during installation.

Akrilikhavuz has expertise in repairing scratched panels without compromising the mechanical properties of acrylic panels. Our installation technicians, sourced from Turkey and Europe, work under strict quality assurance procedures that prioritize safety. With our team’s commitment to providing honest service, you will have an excellence experience that surpasses your expectations.

Why choose PMMA acrylic panels over glass?

Acrylic is 16 times stronger than glass. The connection between two panels is not “glued” with silicone like in glass tanks; instead, it is bonded at a molecular level thanks to chemical bonding technology.
Acrylic panels weigh half as much as glass panels of the same size. Typically, the static load of the pool and aquarium structure is limited by the structural limits of the floor slab. Acrylic panels are much lighter than glass panels and are easier to install.
High-quality acrylic panels offer the best viewing properties compared to other glass panels on the market. Glass pools and aquariums, except for low-iron glass/Extra Chiarro or Extra clear glass, transmit approximately 70% of light and have a greenish tint. The thicker the glass, the lighter the green color becomes. Acrylic PMMA is optically transparent and transmits approximately 92% of light. Additionally, acrylic has the same refractive index as water. This creates an illusion where acrylic panels appear thinner than their actual thickness. Finally, acrylic does not fog and has minimal distortion compared to standard glass panels.
Acrylic panels are easily scratched. The process of repairing scratches is much easier and faster than many of us might think. Dry-side scratches can be repaired immediately with a few standard tools (varying degrees of sandpaper, an electric drill, a polishing wheel, and compounds, etc.). On the wet side, we repair with pneumatic devices. The right combination of varying degrees of sandpaper and MicroMesh will yield very good results in a short amount of time.
Acrylic panels are made from the PolyMethylMethAcrylate polymer, which has high resistance to Ultraviolet (UV) rays. PMMA is also used as a coating in some outdoor applications to enhance its UV resistance
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Akrilikhavuz team has over 15 years of experience in the application of underwater windows for swimming pools and aquariums.


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